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Trust Your Local Healthcare Professional

Your healthcare is too important to be entrusted to someone you've never met. At Center for Men's Health Rhode Island, we don't believe in sending generic medication to patients after getting to know them through an online quiz.

Visit our state-of-the-art facility in the heart of Rhode Island and let our licensed medical professionals get to know you and your concerns.

We offer cutting-edge therapies from testosterone-testing services, all the way to advanced sonic therapy.

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Leonard Berkowitz

PA-C, co-founder, CMH RI

"Our mission is not only to identify and treat Low T, but also help men achieve a variety of life goals, everything from weight loss and improved nutrition to creating positive lifestyle habits."

Jose Bolanos

Education Coordinator, co-founder, CMH RI

"My passion is understanding the importance of testosterone therapy and educating our patients to help them feel like themselves again, leading a health and active life."
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